Got into our shithole motel in New Jersey a couple of hours ago. The vacation has finally begun! We were supposed to stay at this place for three nights, but its so much of a shithole that we can barely even comprehend staying here a single night. It stinks, there are stains everywhere, and half of the outlets don’t work at all. So we’re gonna move to another hotel in the morning, one that actually isn’t a dump. Then its New York, Philadelphia on Saturday (Keane concert!), Maryland on Sunday, Virginia Beach on Monday and Tuesday and then leaving to come home on Wednesday night. It shall be a fantastic time.

Maryland Road Trip of Awesomeness

So I haven’t been on here in like a week because I was in Maryland! Here’s the recap:

So the day before I left I finally got that promotion at Gamestop! I’m now an Assistant Store Manager. More responsibilities, but a hefty pay increase. Hell yes.

Nikki and I left bright and early on Wednesday. The drive there wasn’t so bad. I think we stopped twice and we got there in a less than ten hours. Our hotel was really nice. Our first order of business was to get acquainted with the city. So we drove to downtown Baltimore and back. We were trying to find someplace to eat down there, but it was quite hectic and so we gave up. We ended up eating at a Red Lobster, which was quite good, even though they got our order messed up in the beginning. We went to the mall after that for an hour since they were closing. I finally was able to use my Aeropostale gift card that I got over a year ago. Anddd I finally found The Moon & Antarctica by Modest Mouse! Went back to the hotel and watched Everybody Loves Raymond before passing out.

The original plan was to wake up early on Thursday so we could go to Washington D.C. That didn’t happen. So instead we attempted to find a beach. Turns out that’s not the easiest thing in Maryland. We tried going to like 2 different beaches but they were private or something, but we finally found one in Annapolis, right by this huge bridge. Here’s a picture:

The sand was really hot and the water actually wasn’t too bad. There were some annoying people there. They were like 4 teenagers, maybe about 18 acting like they were all cool, but there mom was there and was treating them like they were 4 years old. We had to wait for fucking ever for them to order food at the concessions too. Waited for like 20 minutes because the stupid mom said that the smoothies were “too watery for 5 dollars”. Give me a damn break. When we finally go to order, their credit machine is broken, so that was highly irritating. I had to go back to the car to get cash but I didn’t have enough to cover what we originally wanted, but the lady that worked there remembered me and gave me some of it for free and we made fun of the stupid lady, haha. After the beach we went back to the hotel to change just in time for the concert. We stopped at Sears first to pick up some lawn chairs. When we got there though, they said that no lawn chairs could be taken in… Waste of 12 dollars. The place was pretty packed, but we found some alright seats on the lawn. The first band that played, Matthew and The Atlas, were really good. Too bad we couldn’t have heard more of them as a fucking severe thunderstorm rolled on through while they were playing. It was ok at first, just some lightning in the distance, then it started getting windy, then a light rain, more lightning, harder rain, more lightning, downpour, and then hail, which is when we decided, nope, can’t stay here. We got to the gate and just chilled for a second because I didn’t want to waste the tickets we got to see Mumford & Sons. Nikki had a GLORIOUS idea of going down into this little area below ground that just so happened to be filling up with water. As she was getting up, I walked away because I thought she was able to pull herself, but she couldn’t. Whoops. When we got up, they told us we could be let in again if we leave. So we went out to the car and kept out of the rain. Nikki got a little crazy and started doing these weird dances with the covers to the lawn seats which she now calls her arms… We went back to the pavilion just in time for Mumford & Sons. Man, what a show they put on, one of my most favorite yet. Definitely going to go see them next year, and hopefully getting seats in the actually pavilion. They played a few new songs that I really liked: Beneath My Feet, Hopeless Wonder, and Lover’s Eyes. And they also played Lover of the Light which I had heard before, but still thing is amazing. Can’t wait for their new album. After the concert we drove around trying to find a McDonald’s. Found one, went back to the hotel, watched more T.V. and fell asleep.

Once again the plan was to wake up early and go to D.C., but once again, we overslept. We decided instead to go to the mall to get me new shoes (since mine were now soaked) and then go to the Maryland Zoo. We got the shoes without a problem, but as we were on our way to the zoo, my fucking car runs out of gas. In a Baltimore ghetto no less… I knew the gas gauge was broken, but I didn’t know that it would be messed up that much. It still said a half tank when it ran out. So I had to call roadside assistance, but ended up telling them to not worry about it. I went to the nearest gas station to ask for a gas can, but the guy didn’t speak English. One of the customers told me to ask the car shop owner out back. That person also didn’t speak any English. I waved him down, and asked him if I could use a gas can because we had just ran out of gas and he just stared at me and walked away. Real nice. Went back to the car, called roadside assistance and waited for an hour and a half for them to get out there. Definitely not a fun experience, but I spent it all with Nikki, so it was all good! By the time we were back up and running, it was too late to go to the zoo, so we just headed on back home. Since we didn’t leave until like 5, we were still on the road at 11 pm and I was getting quite tired, so we decided to stay an extra night at a Comfort Inn in Ohio. For whatever reason, Nikki thought it would be a good idea to stick a bag of Cheetos in her purse while we went to go check in. They ended up getting in the way while trying to find her wallet so I ended up holding them. Then I had to put them on the desk to get my car info out of my wallet, and the guy behind the counter looked at us like we were crazy. Nikki and I were past the point of exhaustion and found everything funny so we laughed our asses off. Went quickly to bed because we had to be up by 4:30, no over sleeping this time.

Finished the journey at 8:30 the next morning. It was really a great adventure and a great experience over all. I got to spend a lot of time with Nikki and that made me quite happy. I can’t wait until we can go on all these crazy road trips to far away places. This has been the highlight of my summer so far!

This was a crazy long entry, and if you have read all of this, GOLD STAR FOR YOU!

I’ll have another one like this for you next week after I get back from my trip to New Hampyhamp!